BodyTalk by Distsance
Deborah utilizes a BodyTalk technique called MindScape to facilitate distance healing sessions.  Through MindScape Deborah accesses the alpha state, which utilizes the brain’s ability to
draw upon the intuitive powers of the mind and tune into the client’s healing priorities. Given that everything in the universe is energy and frequencies, tuning into the frequency of the client is how she facilitates the session.  $47.25 per half hour.
Metabolic Efficiency Analysis

Just because you are stuck inside is no reason not to follow your diet and supplement program! In fact we all need to take a bit better care of ourselves these days. If you have had a metabolic analysis and require your diet or supplements reviewed Deborah is available to consult with you by telephone. $47.25 per half hour

If you require new samples to be taken please contact the main office line and leave a message, a staff member will be in touch with you to make arrangements.

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